Why You May Want A One-Person Infrared Sauna


When you browse the different infrared saunas at your local sauna supplier, you'll see a lot of models that are large. While some people like the idea of buying a sauna that can comfortably hold a big group of people, this isn't the only option for you to consider. You'll also see one-person saunas, which may be appealing for those who live on their own. One-person saunas have many of the same features as their larger counterparts and are available in several different styles.

8 July 2021

3 Reasons To Enroll In A Yoga Teacher Training Program


As a fitness enthusiast, you may be thinking about expanding your skill set and taking a few supplemental classes. One thing that many professionals decide to do is enroll in a yoga teacher training program since they can tackle a valuable skill and then teach it in fitness clubs, recreation centers, or private classes outdoors in nature. Here are three reasons you should think about enrolling in a yoga teacher training program.

15 April 2021