Five Hallmarks Of A Fine Private Gym: Are These Offerings On Your Checklist?


You may be aware of the advantages of a private gym versus a public gym. A private facility typically has restricted access and a limited number of members, meaning there is not a long wait to use the equipment. Equally important to many, private gym membership usually offers one-on-one instruction with a personal trainer, as well as other benefits. The following signs are hallmarks of a good private gym:

1. The Student-to-Instructor Ratio is Acceptable

What does this mean to you? Look for a gym with a private instructor for every few students. This will give you more individualized attention. Better yet, if the gym offers one-on-one training with a private instructor for every student, this is a hallmark of a solid private facility.

Individualized attention will offer you the opportunity to meet your fitness goals. You'll receive a program that is structured for your fitness level. As you improve, you may be challenged further. The instructor will note your strengths and weaknesses and design a plan that will work for you. This may be difficult to accomplish with a large group of classroom students all vying for the coach's attention.

2. The Gym Offers a Consulting Nutritionist for Members

This feature is a definite advantage for many; although, not all private gyms and fitness centers offer this option. If your private gym offers private consultation with a nutritionist for its members, consider this another hallmark of quality. Members may have to pay extra for this option, but some private gyms offer nutrition counseling at no extra charge.

With a customized nutrition and supplement plan, you're more likely to achieve your goals faster while ensuring your nutritional needs are being met. Counseling with a nutritionist will offer advice and meal planning. This is a sign of top-notch gym service and something to consider if you're serious about health and fitness.

3. The Trainers and Staff Members Work Around Your Schedule

A sign of a superior gym is scheduling flexibility. Hours for instruction should not be set in stone. A great private gym will employ personal trainers that are there for you and will fit you in as your schedule allows.

Are you able to call your instructor in the early morning or after work when you need some encouragement or advice? If so, consider this a hallmark of outstanding service. Certified trainers who are on call when you need them, including most holidays, is a sign of dedication.

4. Amenities Are Offered

After a workout session, you'll want to shower, relax and pamper yourself. A quality gym will offer you the basic toiletries such as soap and shampoo, plus they will take it a notch higher. There may be body lotions, aroma therapy essential oils, and even the option of a sauna room or tanning bed. Typically, there will be a lounge where members can relax and have a vitamin-enriched juice drink. Yes, you'll pay more for these extras, but this is a sign of excellence.

5. A Membership Loyalty Rewards Program is Offered

Outstanding service means rewarding loyal members. If you reach elite status after one year, will you receive a discount? If you pay your fees in full for a 12-month period rather than on a monthly basis, will you receive a lower rate? Loyalty rewards are incentives that keep clientele coming back for more. It may also help you stay within your budget.

When you scout around for a private fitness center or gym, keep your checklist handy. Refer to the above mentioned traits of a premium facility. Insist on quality assurance and great customer service or look elsewhere. For more information or advice, contact a business such as Halevy Life.


13 October 2015

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