Inquire About These Practice Session Attributes Before You Sign Up For Yoga Teacher Training


While many of the hours that you spend in a yoga teacher training program involve listening to your instructor and practicing poses, you'll customarily get a chance to lead the group in your own yoga class. This element is integral toward getting a well-rounded education — after all, you'll soon be teaching your own classes, and the lessons that you learn while teaching your fellow students can help you to refine your approach by the time you start to charge for your services. When you're considering various teacher training programs, you want to select one that gives you an opportunity to teach, as well as these things.

Feedback From Teacher

In order for you to know how you fared when leading your class, you should ensure that you'll get feedback from the instructor afterward. Your yoga training instructor is unlikely to interrupt your class, but will rather sit at the back and take notes. He or she will then go through the positives and negatives about your teaching approach, which you can then use for future lessons. You'll also have the opportunity to ask questions about your performance.

Feedback From Students

While feedback from your instructor is valuable, it's also ideal if you can get feedback from your fellow students who sat through your class. They'll often provide different types of feedback than your instructor gives you, which can give you a well-rounded idea of where your strengths and weaknesses lie. The best teaching programs have a structure for this exchange of information — it's not just you asking your peers how they found the class as you leave the yoga studio at the end of the day. Rather, they'll need to fill out a form that you can consult.

Recording Of Your Class

When you lead your first yoga class, it's easy to feel a little overwhelmed and have a hard time remembering the entire process by its conclusion. For this reason, it's ideal if you choose a teacher training program that either records your class for you or allow you to do so yourself. Even though you might be a little embarrassed about watching yourself on video afterward, being able to go over the video of the class multiple times to identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as notice little areas that you'll want to change when you begin teaching actual paying students, will make you more confident as a teacher and thus help you to get more out of your teacher training program.

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26 November 2017

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