4 Tips For Choosing The Right Swim School For Your Child


Swimming is an enjoyable pastime and great exercise, and it is beneficial to learn how to swim. From a safety standpoint, it is also important for children to learn how to swim in order to lower the risk of accidental drowning. Teaching a child to swim can be hard to do, which is why many parents choose to enroll their child in swim lessons. There are typically many swim schools and swim instructors in most cities, but not all swim lessons are created equal. If you plan on enrolling your child in swim lessons, use the following tips to find the right instructor.

Look for Experience

Since teaching a child to swim can be difficult, it is important to enroll your child in swim lessons that are taught by a highly experienced instructor. A great swim instructor for children will have strong swimming skills but will also possess the gift of being able to teach others. Before enrolling in lessons, ask the swim school or individual instructor about his or her experience, how long he or she has been teaching swim lessons, and his or her success rate in teaching children to be proficient swimmers.

Learn More About the Instructor's Approach to Teaching Swim Lessons

Every teacher has their own style, and that includes swim instructors. Take the time to speak with a swim instructor and ask about his or her approach to teaching children how to swim. A good swim instructor should be enthusiastic, focus on making the lesson fun, and use positive reinforcement to boost a child's self-esteem and instill a love of being in the water. 

Ask What a Beginner Class Is Like

Most young children start swimming lessons by taking a beginner class. For some kids, swim lessons may be the first time they have spent an extended amount of time in a pool. Think about your child and how comfortable he or she is in the water. Each swim school and swim instructor has their own curriculum for a beginner swimming class, so it is important to know what the class entails in advance. Based on the description of the class, you can then decide which class will work best for your child's skill and comfort level.

Find Out If You Can Watch the Lessons

If you want to keep an eye on your child and see his or her progression during lessons, look for a swim school that allows parents to observe the class. In the event that you choose to stay and watch, consider being unobtrusive so you don't distract your child or the other students in the class.


3 April 2018

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