Get In Shape And Ward Off Weight Gain Around The Holidays


The holidays are coming and this often means overindulging in slabs of turkey, thick sauces, and homemade pies. If you have pretty much avoided dieting this year and have noticed an increase in your waistline, just think how much more weight may be packed on after enjoying holiday meals with your loved ones. You can lose weight now and counteract weight gain down the road by participating in some exercises while on top of a mini trampoline.

Purchase And Try Out A Trampoline

A mini trampoline is often referred to as a rebounder. This type of equipment is much smaller in size than a standard trampoline that a person may have in their yard and that is designed to hold the weight of several individuals. The bounce factor is also the opposite of a larger model. With a mini trampoline, you will only be lifted several inches from the mat if you choose to jump with force.

For lower impact exercises, the mat will merely move along with your body, which can help keep you motivated to complete a set of exercises. After purchasing a mini trampoline, set it up in the room that you will be utilizing during your exercise sessions. If you plan on incorporating music or videos in each exercise routine, place the trampoline in front of your television or stereo system.

Make sure that the trampoline is several feet away from furnishings with sharp edges, in the event that you accidentally fall off of the equipment. Put on your workout garments and a pair of athletic shoes. Clothes should be non-restrictive and comfortable.

Stand on top of the trampoline and slowly bend and straighten your legs, without lifting your feet off of the fabric surface. The stretchy fabric that covers the top of the trampoline will move along with you. As you gain confidence, complete several small jumps in which the bottom of your feet are elevated a few inches above the trampoline. 

Prepare An Exercise Routine

You will increase your metabolism and improve strength and balance by using your trampoline. Don't expect to be able to complete a strenuous workout session right away. Begin by using the trampoline for a few minutes at a time and gradually increase the amount of time that you stay on top of it. Prepare an exercise routine that includes bouncing, bouncing while twisting from side to side, and jogging slowly in place.

For more information about mini trampolines, contact a company like Cellular Health Innovations LLC.


25 September 2019

multitask to include exercise in your busy day

As the mother of three, I have a hard time finding enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs to be done. My doctor told me that I needed to increase the amount of exercise that I was getting each day. I laughed at him and told him that I didn't have more than 10 minutes to shower each day. He continued to explain all of the benefits of finding the time to exercise and I told him I would try. I started looking for information about mothers finding time to exercise and found out that a lot of exercises can be done while doing other things. Find out how to multitask and include exercise in your day without losing any time.