Why You Should Invest In A Weight Room Rack For Your Home


Walk into any gym and you'll see multiple weight racks set up for use by you and anyone else looking to build some muscle. There's dumbbell racks for those looking to use free weights and barbell racks for those looking to get their bench press on or do some heavy squats. There are advantages to either type of weight but the key to success is not any one particular type or amount of weight, but simply showing up and putting in the work on a regular basis. To that end, here are a few reasons why you might want to invest a weight room rack or two for your own home gym.

Start Out in Privacy

Lots of gyms often have slogans in their marketing or advertising that will say something about how anyone can show up and lift weights with no judgment. While this makes for a good slogan or sales pitch, one glance around the gym at the more experienced weight lifters can still make a total novice feel nervous. 

Whether you invest in a dumbbell rack or a barbell rack, setting up your own weight room rack inside your own home will allow you to start slowly and work out at your own pace. You won't have to look at the much fitter man or woman standing beside you and feel like you need to try and keep up. Your only competition will be yourself, and this can give you a bit more confidence as you begin your new exercise program.

Fit a Workout In Whenever You Have Time

Many people have busy lives to lead and perhaps not having enough time in the day is one of the reasons why you haven't joined a gym. By investing in your own weight lifting equipment for your house, you'll no longer have that excuse. You can quickly get in a workout whenever you like and then jump immediately into the shower afterwards to get on with your day with no commute to and from the gym taking up additional time.

No Waiting for a Machine to Free Up

Gyms can get busy at certain times of day, and there might only be so many sets of barbell racks to bench press with or so many sets of dumbbell weights available to go around. When you go to a gym during a busy time, you might waste time having to stand around and wait for the machine to become available. When you have your own weights at home, you don't have to wait for anyone.


22 September 2020

multitask to include exercise in your busy day

As the mother of three, I have a hard time finding enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs to be done. My doctor told me that I needed to increase the amount of exercise that I was getting each day. I laughed at him and told him that I didn't have more than 10 minutes to shower each day. He continued to explain all of the benefits of finding the time to exercise and I told him I would try. I started looking for information about mothers finding time to exercise and found out that a lot of exercises can be done while doing other things. Find out how to multitask and include exercise in your day without losing any time.